Airtel 129 Store Tricks to Get Unlimited Free 3G/4G Internet

Airtel 129 store tricks: Get unlimited free 3G internet. I am here with a diwali loot trick where you will get upto 4.5 GB free data. Trick is working in Madhya Pradesh (MP) & Gujarat. Not sure for other states & circles in India. Try & test your luck. But try at LOW or Zero BALANCE only. How to get ? Follow steps below –Β 

Airtel 129 store trick for unlimited free internet

  1. Call 129 from your Airtel number
  2. A welcome song can be heard & you may be asked to select language
  3. At this time dial 0361Β using keypad
  4. Within few minutes you will get a confirmation sms on your number that 1.25 GB will be credited in your account.
  5. Do the above steps upto 3 times to get 4.5 gb unlimited 3g internet on your Airtel number

How to activate Airtel 129 store free data pack using ussd code:

  1. Dial *129# ussd code
  2. Select Popular Packs >> Internet Packs
  3. Search for 1.25 gb data offer & activate it. Do it upto 3 times.

Use this airtel 129 store trick at low balance. Trick is confirmed in Gujarat & MP. !!! πŸ™‚

35 thoughts on “Airtel 129 Store Tricks to Get Unlimited Free 3G/4G Internet

  1. rex dex says:

    firstly we cant get 4.5 gb coz this offer is valid till 8 nov as i do this today i loose my 1.2 gb date so plz make shure. when u are going through this trick

    • Freerecharge says:

      How you loose your previous data ? If you have not got any free data pack using this trick, then your previous data will remain same. And you already said that you can’t get 4.5 gb 3g. So there should be no changes on your existing data.

      Caution: Try any trick at your own risk.

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