Read All 10 Big Announcements Of Prime Minister’s Speech Of 31st December

Hello guys hope you watched today’s speed by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of upcoming New Year 2017, Well we also congrats you for a better and a happy new year from the whole team of mobilerechargetricks. The speech was started at 7:30 PM IST, were our prime minister gave a greeting for whole nation. They gave benefits and offer for all the age people it will be for a child, Adult, old or you can say for both male and female. We have added all those big announcements in below given texts. And also we would like to ask you are you happy with it or not. Well friends you should feel proud that you birth at the soil of india whose PM only works and gives there best for there nation. We should salute him. So leave all this just follow few steps to Know All Announcements Of PM Modi On 31st December 2016. 

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All Top 10 Announcements Of Prime Minister’s Speech Of 31st December

1) Prime housing scheme {Pradhaana Mantree Aavaas Yojana} the poor, lower middle class, and the middle class has announced two new schemes to give the new home. In 2017 to make home loans up to Rs 9 lakh and 4% discount of 3% to 12 million in debt will be waived. Prime Minister’s residence in villages under the scheme 33 per cent increase in the number of homes has become a lie is. In addition to the house in the village government for a loan of Rs 2 million in interest to 3% off is announced.

2) The Prime Minister has announced a relief to farmers. District Cooperative Central Bank and Primary Society for sowing of Kharif and Rabi farmers who borrowed, the loan interest 60-day Government. The money will be transferred to the accounts of farmers.

3) Million farmers in the next three months will be converted to credit cards RUPAY card.

4) Relief to small businesses, the prime minister announced that a million was used to cover the loan. The government will guarantee loans of up to twenty million credit now.

5) The government has launched a nationwide scheme for pregnant women. It also provided financial assistance of Rs 6,000 pregnant women Jagi. The money will account for pregnant women directly. It Rs 6000 registration, delivery, immunization and nutrition Jagi for granted.

6) The government announced important for senior citizens. Amounting to Rs 7.5 lakh per annum for 10 years at an interest rate of 8 percent gave Jagi. These can take the interest each month a senior citizen.

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7) What actually happened?

November 8 night at eight PM Narendra Modi had announced Notbandi. Under the announcement, were off notes of Rs 500-1000. Bdlwale old notes and deposits in the bank were announced. 500 of 2000 and new notes were also issued. Bank cash withdrawal limit was 24 thousand a week. We were ordered to withdraw from the ATM 2000 was 2500. The most important thing is that all these rules were changed 64 times in 50 days.

8) What Will Happen With Old 500 And 1000 Rs Notes?

500-1000 Notes can not be changed now. Old notes with certain conditions in the central bank can only be filed. Government cash to tackle the shortage is said to promote cashless transactions.

9) What Difficulties Faced From Notbandi?

Notbandi impacted many businesses. 35 per cent had an impact on small businesses. Rose looks like a crowd of people outside a bank and ATM. I am troubled by the shortage of cash in the bank country. Increased migration of workers from big cities. The problem was due to the 2000 change. Because of this, there was much hoarding of notes.

10) What Does County Received From Notbandi ?

According to data released by the central bank and the government around Rs 14 lakh crore, the banks have returned. 15.44 lakh crore, were coming back. Notbandi 770 million of cash was recovered in five days. 100 million of the 2000 notes were new. Notbandi fifty days between Jan Dhan accounts accumulated nearly 74 thousand crore. Many people get caught up in the black to white. Delhi, Kolkata, in several cities, including bank officials were caught. Buy gold to get caught in the rigging. More than 5,000 people on charges of tax evasion by the tax notice. Cashless turnover in the country has increased. 11 facilities from the government to exempt working digital payments. The government boosted tax was 14 per cent higher tax.

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