(All Answers) Amazon Youbella Quiz – Answer & Win Youbella Party Jewellery

Here is Amazon Youbella Quiz Answers by answering which you can win Youbella Jewellery. In this quiz you have to answer five questions and 15 winners will be declared as winner on 15th of February, 2018. So let get started. You can also check answers of all Amazon quiz contests of December 2017.

Amazon Youbella quiz

How To Participate At Amazon Youbella Quiz

1) First click here to download Amazon app

2) Now install and open the app and login/sign up there

3) In the home page, you will able to see a banner of Amazon Youbella Quiz click on it

4) Finally, click on ” Start ” and start the quiz. Answers are given below.

All Answers to Amazon Youbella Quiz:

1. A close-fitting neckpiece worn around the neck is called

Answer is:- Choker

2. Which of these is NOT a kind of earring?

Answer is:- Lairat

3. For rose gold jewellery ___ is mixed with gold to give its distinct pinkish colour

Answer is:-  copper

4. When is the Amazon Fashion Wardrobe Refresh Sale starting?

Answer is:- 22 dec 2017

5. With more than 5 lakh styles Amazon India is India’s largest online jewellery store

Answer is:- True

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