Apply Online for Free DCB Bank Credit / Debit Card verified by Visa- Slonkit App

Apply online for DCB bank credit card/ debit card/ virtual card/ physical card verified by Visa for free with Slonkit app.

This application works as a reloadable pre-paid card. The prepaid card can be loaded in an instant, used online or in-stores. Slonkit is powered by VISA & DCB bank & can be used anywhere in India. How to apply free credit card online ?

Slonkit App- Physical Debit / Virtual Card Generator

Download Slonkit app

• Sign up through Google plus / Facebook / Email

• Then enter promo code / referral code SAI2Z1YG to earn Rs 100 bonus

• Verify mobile number & complete your registration process

• From app Home page, click GET CARD

• Enter your name & postal address

• Then add atleast Rs 200 in wallet using available payment options.

• Finally click on Activate Card

• You card will be activated within 2 days &  Rs 300 will be credited in wallet

• You will receive your physical debit card to your shipping address within few days.

• You can use this debit card by VISA & DCB bank for online & offline transactions in India.

Slonkit Refer & Earn Offer:

You can also participate on Slonkit referral campaign & earn Rs 100 per invite.

4 thoughts on “Apply Online for Free DCB Bank Credit / Debit Card verified by Visa- Slonkit App

  1. Customer Care says:

    I am a Slonkit user and would like to point out some wrong information that has been posted here about Slonkit:
    1) Slonkit is not a virtual card – Slonkit is a Physical Prepaid card powered by DCB Bank and VISA which can be used for shopping online as well as from any Merchant establishment where VISA is accepted
    2) Money from Slonkit card CANNOT be transferred to any bank account or transfer to any wallet. Money loaded on the Slonkit card can’t be withdrawn from an ATM
    3) Referral amount of Rs 100 can be redeemed only when the referrer loads initial money on the card
    4) Referee can also avail their Rs 100 referral amount once they load initial money on the card
    I am sharing the current Terms & Conditions to avail the referral amount on the app, which does change from time to time
    • Offer valid till 31st March, 2016
    • Referral amount of Rs.100 will be credited to you and to the non-Slonkit user being referred, after both of you load money on your respective Slonkit cards and the latter uses your referral code while registering on Slonkit
    • A maximum amount of Rs.500 worth of Slonkit Rewards can be redeemed in a month

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