Download UPI App For RBI, SBI, ICICI, AXIS, HDFC (All Banks)

How To Download UPI Apps For All Banks: Hello guys we are again back to help you to make your online transaction more easier and safer, Well as we all know that in our county we are facing Demonetization which step is taken by our Prime Minister Narendra Damodar Das Modi where all Rs 500 and Rs 1000 indian currency were banned. PM advised to do cashless transaction to make our country cash less country, where you can use E wallet and UPI App . Well first let me inform you the Full Form Of UPI Its Unified Payments Interface. Different banks have there own UPI App by which there customers can do easy transaction without any hesitation, We have added the List Of UPI Enabled Banks.

In this post is so informative that you can’t think. We have added the information about VPA, Full form of VPA Is Virtual Payment Address. So leave all this just follow few steps to know about UPI And other cashless economy terms.

What Is UPI

UPI is a new payment by using it any bank account holder can transfer money between any two banks, just by using a smartphone. By using UPI it allows a customer to pay directly from a bank account to different merchants, by giving the both feature online and offline, without the hesitation of typing credit card details, IFSC code, or net banking/wallet passwords.

What Are The Use Or Benefits of UPI

1) UPI will decrease the hesitation of customers to insert the credit card details, IFSC code, or net banking/wallet passwords every time

2) The launch of UPI will catalyse low cost, high volume payments and create a new ecosystem that banks / billers may adopt and offer simpler and instant offering of UPI to their customers.

3) UPI is likely to benefit the banks also significantly as the service can be provided by the bank to the merchant with a basic smartphone and there is no need to install PoS machine at the place of business. Thus it is likely to reduce the overall merchant acquisition cost for the banks by providing a solution to the merchant that is conducive and have long term benefits.

4) It is the cheapest way to transfer money and also problem free

5) It also makes you free from taking cash with you

6) Its double secure than other E wallet apps

7) It gives you the facility of instant transfer

8) You can choose any UPI app to make payment

9) Avail COD Without Paying Cash

10) Cheaper from POS machines which are available in shops

When Was UPI Founded

UPI was founded in 11th April, 2016

Who Founded UPI

Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) Founded UPI

Where Is The Headquarter Of UPI

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

What Is The Official Site For UPI

Click here to visit the official site of UPI 

How Many Banks Are UPI Enabled

Till now only 29 banks are UPI available, hope the number will increase in few days.

Is There Any Official UPI App Given By Government

Yes there is an official app which is given by our government with collaboration with RBI and any bank holder can use it, you can also download it from play store by clicking here

What Is UPI App

By using UPI app you can do any transaction without any problem within two banks and you can also remember your details in app for future use with 24*7 help line. And there is 2X security of your money there.

If It Safe To Do UPI Or Is It Safe To Use UPI App

I would suggest you if you are using e wallet like paytm mobikwik and freecharge then uninstall it and download an UPI app because recently we added a news where a owner lost his money from his wallet (paytm). But have you ever got news that any person lost there money from UPI app because its the part of bank reputation so for maintain it they give 2x (double) security.

Banks And Their UPI Apps List (Click On Link To Download It)

Download State Bank of India UPI App

Download ICICI Bank UPI App

Download HDFC Bank  UPI App

Download Andhra Bank UPI App

Download Axis Bank UPI App

Download Bank Of Maharashtra UPI App

Download Canara Bank UPI App

Download Catholic Syrian Bank UPI App

Download Federal Bank UPI App

Download Karnataka Bank UPI App

Download Punjab National Bank UPI App

Download South Indian Bank UPI App

Download United Bank of India UPI App

Download UCO Bank UPI App

Download Vijaya Bank UPI App

Download OBC  UPI App

Download TJSB Sahakari Bank

Download Yes Bank UPI App

Types Of UPI Enable Bank

There are mainly 3 types of UPI enable bank which are Banks with UPI apps, Banks Without a UPI app, Banks with Third party UPI app. We have described about this in below text .

Banks with UPI Apps: This are those bank which develops there own app for their customers to make cashless transaction easily, it has integrated the UPI in its existing mobile apps. Example- ICICI Bank, HDFC bank, Axis, SBI and PNB has its own UPI app.

Banks Without A UPI App: This are those bank which dont have there own UPI app and there customers have to use other bank UPI which have third party applicable, or they do partnership with them. Example- Bank of Baroda

Banks with Third party UPI app: This banks have there UPI system with other mobile app developers, Example- Yes Bank

What Is Virtual Payment Address (VPA)

VPA is also a technique which is used by bank to make there customer free from remembering the bank account details like account number, IFSC code, and other details which are normally required while making payment. Not only this its also a helpful way to fraudster to cheat fellow persons like your and me, so for decreasing the risk bank has make this where they will give you a address like hrishabh@axis or jyoti@PNB . Since it is not your actual payment address but act as the payment address (bank account details), It is called as the virtual payment address.

What Are The Benefits Of Virtual Payment Address (VPA)

1) No need to give bank account details to get the payment

2) Its so easier to remember that the bank account details and IFSC code

3) Its double secure then than the normal payment

4) You can ask your VPA as per your thinking

How To Get A Virtual Payment Address (VPA)

Mainly VPA is a part of UPI system so you have to first download UPI app from playstore and then your have to create a new account there and then connect your bank account with your UPI app and apply for the verification there. To link you need mobile number liking and also the verification. Use the same mobile number in every process. You must download the app on same mobile which is linked to bank account. Now after a successful verification. Now after the verification there will one more verification, which is longer and after that your will get your VPA

Features Of Virtual Payment Address (VPA)

1) Every person have there own unique VPA no one have same VPA

2) You can change your VPA if your fells un Secure with old one

3) You can change it according to your wish

4) You can link numerous bank account with one VPA but you have to set an account as the default

How To Transfer Money Using VPA

1) First open the UPI enabled app from your mobile and enter the pin

2) Now select the option of fund transfer from there

3) Now enter the details like amount and VPA

4) Now confirm all the details from there

5) Now enter the MPIN for making the transaction successful

How To Receive Money Or Get Money Using VPA

1) First login there in UPI enable app

2) Now make a click on collect via UPI

3) Now enter the VPA details from person you wan the money

4) Now enter the amount which you want and remarks if asked

5) Now after all filling of details wait for the approval

6) When the person approves it you will get your amount.

That’s all about UPI app for android for SBI, RBI, ICICI, Axis, HDFC & all other banks.

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