Earn PayPal Money By Inviting Friends From One Class (Unlimited Tricks)

Oneclass.com offering PayPal money for inviting friends & uploading notes. Refer and earn 50 points per referral. Minimum payout is 800 points which is equal to $10. This is really high paying site. 

How to get PayPal cash free from oneclass ?

  • Visit oneclass.com
  • Signup by entering Name, Email & password & verify email.
  • You will receive 60 points as sign up bonus
  • You may need to enter various basic details
  • Go to menu & Invite section
  • Copy your unique referral link & share with your friends
  • 50 points will be credited when someone signup using your invitation link.
  • Earn at least 800 points to redeem $10 as PayPal, Amazon, Starbucks & more gift card

Oneclass unlimited tricks:

Normally we never recommend to use any trick for earning real money as they always verify everything before sending money. Yet if you want to use trick, then use gmail Dot trick for unlimited money / cash.


32 thoughts on “Earn PayPal Money By Inviting Friends From One Class (Unlimited Tricks)

  1. Satish says:

    I am not able to redeem
    I got 810 points but it is asking address for confirm redemption
    Their I am not able to confirm redemption
    Please help me somebody

  2. Prashant says:

    don’t use dot trick, i tried ..successful in only one dot gmail, when i tried tried 2nd time , they blocked all the accounts. Now showing that my main email-id doesn’t exist.

  3. Satish says:

    Without using dottrick I got 810 points but while redemption there is a problem
    Please update if anybody got the gift coupen

  4. Nitin Bherwani says:

    Hey., it is not showing PayPal in gift cards option. Are you sure this trick works..?? Help me., however i had not completed 800 points. But when i’ll complete i just wanna confirm today that will it work..!!

  5. inderpal says:

    there is no option of paypal ..

    there is options for amazon best buy etc but to redeem them we net to enter address as they will send gift card on that address!!!

    and the address cities available is not for indian users….!!!

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