Gokano: Get Pendrive, Earphone, iPhone 6 & more Rewards

Gokano – Get pendrive, earphone, iPhone 6 & much more rewards for completing tasks & referring friends. Gokano is a new website where you collect points and use them during restocks to get gifts completely for free . Earning points is extremely easy and not at all time-consuming.

Next restock is tomorrow 25th October 2015

How to collect points (GN):

1.At first click the link Gokano

2. Click Register and enter the registration form.

3. After registration an activation mail will be sent to your email id

4. Activate your Gakano account

5. After activation Your Gokano Dashboard will open up.

6. Now login daily and click the “Collect daily points”

7. Complete missions by answering the daily poll (a single easy question)

8. Invite new members

Gokano Prizes :

Gifts are divided in 3 categories: Gadgets, Electronics and Accessories.
Here’s a screenshot of some of the Electronics prizes:

Prizes aren’t always available, you need to wait for the restocks to order them!

Restocks: Gokano always announces tha date of restocks, so you know when you’ll be able to order your prize. The next restock will be in October!

During restocks, the available prizes will show a green gift icon and a green bar under them.

Shipping :

Gokano is based in Poland (Europe) but they ship prizes to any country worldwide completely for free . Prizes are shipped within 28 working days from order’s date.


Note : Standard members earn 1 point for each of the actions above, while Gold members earn double the points! To receive the Gold rank (and get a free t-shirt along with it) you just need to invite 30 people!

Do NOT cheat to earn points faster, be legit!

Gokano is terminating false/inactive accounts and dishonest members are losing their points.


15 thoughts on “Gokano: Get Pendrive, Earphone, iPhone 6 & more Rewards

  1. gokano says:

    Hacked!Gokano has a secret link . You can get
    300 Gn by just signing up in few steps – 1.Make
    new email id.This id must contain cgi with 300
    number.ex-(name.c****0@gmail.com) 2.Now go
    to http : and sign up with this
    3.Active you’r account and now see the magic
    300 has been added to your new account

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