How To Apply For Reliance Jio Tower Installation: Earn Up To Rs 45000 Monthly

How To Apply For Reliance Jio Tower Installation: Hope you all enjoy Jio services where you are just paying Rs 309 for an month. Well this time jio is offering us to earn money just by giving rent for there tower installation.

As we know Jio speed is degrading day by day. so I would like to help you in this. You may also enjoy lots of offer from Jio where they will offer you up to Rs 45000 if they install the tower in your land.

 This Post is For Those Who Have A Bare Land With Around 2000 Square Feet Plot Size And 500 Square Feet Roof Top.

We all know that there are lots of benefits while installing Tower which we have described below. So guys leave all this just follow few steps to know how to install tower in home.

How To Apply For Reliance Jio Tower Installation, Jio Tower Installation Process

How To Apply For Reliance Jio Tower Installation:

1) First Click Here To Visit  Indus Towers Online Application Filling Portal

2) Now fill the details asked by them , About your plot

  • Area Location
  • Size Of Your Plot
  • Size Of Rooftop
  • Estimated Rent You Want
  • Any Other Extra Demand Or Condition.

3) If your place is satisfied by Jio they will contact you once Indus Tower will share your details with them.

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Jio Tower Installation Contact Number:

You can directly contact Indus Tower for the installation of Jio tower in your are just Make a call at  124-4296766

Demerits Of Installing Tower Nearby:

1) Electromagnetic radiations

2) Loss of life of Birds

3) While cancer is the biggest threat to people living in the vicinity of a mobile phone tower, there are other health issues too. People in the area experience sleep disorders, fatigue, headache, memory loss, depression, hearing problems, joint pains, skin diseases, and even cardiovascular problems.

4) Huge problems for children and Unborn babies.

Anyway instead of these disadvantages, you can earn pretty handsome money by installing Jio tower through Indus tower company.

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