OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest: Refer 5 Friends And Get Rs 2000 Amazon Voucher {Get A Chance To Win Rs 1 Crore}

OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest A new contest after 3T December Dash organised by one the best selling smart phone company name OnePlue for there promotion of there company. Here they are giving free amazon voucher, Free OnePlus 3T Phone, And A Chance To Win Rs 1 Crore money from Big B {Amitab Bacchan}. This is one the biggest loot of this year. Here if you refer 4 friends then you will get free Rs 1000 amazon voucher and Rs 2000 amazon voucher for referring 5 friends and more on referring more friends. So guys start for the loot well you can earn through completing the task given by them on each Wednesday. Well you can get a Rs 500 amazon voucher for referring 3 Friends. This offer is for new users so create a new account using our link to avail the offer, So guys leave all this just follow few steps to Win At OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest :

OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest

How To Get Free Rs 2000 Amazon Voucher By Referring 5 Friends

1) Click here to visit the register page of OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest

2) Now click on Enter Now button to sign up there for contest

3) You must have to create a fresh new account there to avail the offer

4) Once you signed up, then you will get question – which is the best rated smartphone ?

5) Give Answer- OnePlus 3T

6) Now after all this the first task for you to earn 200 points is to share at facebook

7) So share your referral link or banner at your facebook wall

8) Now for more points complete all those 5 task given by them

9) Task will be given on 15, 22, 29, 5, 12th

10) You need 800 points for redeeming Rs 500 Amazon Gift Voucher, 1000 Points for Rs 1000 Amazon Gift Voucher, 1200 Points for Rs 2000 Amazon Gift Voucher

How To Earn Points At OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest

1) Visit the dashboard and get your referral link from there

2) The more you refer the more chance you will get to win the mobile phone

3) 1 lucky winner will win Rs 1 crore money from Big B

4) There are multiple prizes that can be won under this contest.

5) Amazon Vouchers (Rs 500, Rs 1000 and Rs 2000): To be redeemed in the prize shop after collecting a minimum of 800 points.

6) OnePlus 3T smartphones: To be redeemed by the 10 participants who invite most number of user to participate in the contest.

7) Lucky Draw Tickets: To be redeemed in the prize ship after collecting 1200 points.

Week No. of gift cards Unit Value Points needed Total Amount
Week 4 5000 500 800 2500000
Week 5 3000 1000 1000 3000000
2500 500 800 1250000
Week 6 1000 2000 1200 2000000
2500 500 800 1250000
N/A Lucky draw ticket 1200 N/A

Contest Dates

1) March 9th to April 19th- Tasks for lucky draw

2) April 26th – Announcement of 10 lucky draw winners

3) April 27th- May 25th- Video shoot of 10 winners

4) May 26th – June 7th- Voting for videos of 10 winners

5) June 8th- Announcement of 5 finalists

6) June 22nd- 5 finalists play the Best Smartphone contest with AB for Rs 1 crore. The winner’s names will be published on OnePlus forums and other social media channels on June 22nd, 2017.

*Any remainder amount from previous weeks will be added to next week’s prize pool

Company reserve the right of final decision on the interpretation of the Rules (How to enter section on Event page) and to take action against fraud, including but not limited to theft of OnePlus Accounts and abusing the account system for the purpose of gaining points. Company may disqualify any such accounts and the points allotted to them shall be foregone in such cases.




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