Rebtel : Free Unlimited Calls To India For 1 Month + Welcome Bonus of 5$ dollars

Rebtel Free Unlimited Calls to India offer. Rebtel is offering Free Unlimited calls to India for 1 month. The good thing is that it doesnot require internet connection like skype. Calls are done normally over your carrier network. Rebtel is used by  23 million and allows people to call their friends and family. First Month free offer is limited to first 50,000 users. So Hurryup and grab this offer.


How to get Free Unlimited calls :

1. At first visit the Rebtel Welcome offer page Click here

2. Click Claim Your offer

3. Fillup the signup form and click Create New account

4. To verify your number click Call me Instead. You will recieve a Call from Rebtel , Press 1 to verify your number

5. After Verification a offer page will be displayed where you need to Pay Rs 63 (1 dollar) and get welcome bonus of Rs 315 (5 dollars ) instant.

6. After successful transaction of 1 dollar Visit Offer Page 

7.Click Try Now – First Month Free

8. A payment page will be displayed and enter your payment details ( note : This time You wont be charged anything from your account. You just need enter valid details You have provided before and complete the process)

9. After completion You will recieve 5$ + 8 $ =13 $

10. Now call all over india for Free and keep on talking



Note : This offer is limited to first 50,000 users


Features of Rebtel Call :

1. Call any landline or mobile in India

2. No Contracts or binding periods

3.Works without an Internet Connection



3 thoughts on “Rebtel : Free Unlimited Calls To India For 1 Month + Welcome Bonus of 5$ dollars

  1. Not your Friend says:

    Whoever posted this deal trick is a in fact getting $10 bonus every time a new user signs up from that link. NO FREE first month, if you follow this method.

    Let me explain you what happens. You click on the link, create a account with rebtel and pay $1. Then you click on the Free first month offer. Now note that first month free offer is only for new sign up. What you in fact did, is you signed up as a friend of this guy and he got $10 and you get $5 credit. And when you click on link for free first month, it will charge you $8 because you are considered not as new account.

    I contacted Rebtel about this, and they said since you already created an account before and paid $1, and got a credit of $5, you account is not considered as new account. I did not get free first month, and had to pay $8. So essentially I paid $1+$8 and got $5 credit.

    It completely defeats the purpose of trying the service for first month.

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