Yroo.com : A Genuine Site to Make Unlimited Money Online (PayPal) with Payment Proof [upto 40$ per referral]

Yroo Refer And Earn Offer : Now earn money online easily with Yroo.com. Make real cash by doing simple task or referring friends. We can make huge money in dollars easily from Yroo.com through refer.

Latest updates : This offer is expired: Check other apps/ sites to earn money online

Some best features of this money earning website are –
1) It’s referral service is not complicated as you just need to invite on website.

2) Eveyone can use Yroo on android, iPhone, Windows & even on Java phone

3) It’s reliable & genuine as we have payment proof

4) We get referral bonus in seconds when referred friend visit yroo.com & sign up. No need to do any extra activity by referred friend to get credits. Also see refer and earn cash & freecharge credits.

How to refer and earn real money online using yroo.com Website:

1) Visit the offer page – ClickΒ here

2) Now login using Google plusΒ or Facebook only

3) You will receive a treasure box containing with Signup bonus & daily bonus by those you will get up to 100,000 points


4) Now click on Friends tab & invite friends using your referral link

5) On every referral you will receive a treasure box.

6) Go to Rewards >> Treasures & open the box

7) You will get 200 / 400 / 600 / 800 points on every referral based on your luck. Even you can earn 40$ or more if your luck favours you.

8) Earn minimum 10,000 points & redeem it as PayPal credits

10,000 points = 8$ = Rs 500 (approx)


How to redeem points :

1) Go to Rewards >> Points >> tap Redeem Points

2) Select amount (8$ / 18$ / 38$)

3) Finally enter your Paypal email & redeem it

4) You will get your money in Paypal account within 5-8 working days.

5) Finally transfer your Paypal balance to your bank account.

Payment Proof :


Simple tips & tricks : Don’t try to use any trick to earn points. Refer genuinely. Otherwise your account can be banned.

So, after so many day we got a genuine site (yroo.com) to earn money online. Use it to make your bank balance. Need any type of help, comment here. Also try trusted & 100% genuine app for making paypal money with AppDango.

140 thoughts on “Yroo.com : A Genuine Site to Make Unlimited Money Online (PayPal) with Payment Proof [upto 40$ per referral]

  1. Jestin Rajan says:

    Hello admin,
    You told that one would get 200 or 300 or 500 points…but i m getting only 50 or 100 or 150
    Why is so???

  2. Jestin Rajan says:

    Thanx admin for telling
    If you would have posted this early, even we could have earned this points like you..
    Anyways no problem its really good

  3. Jestin Rajan says:

    But admin i have one problem…
    Will paypal deduct any amount as charges and what to select for the purose code while creating psypal ac..please tell me

  4. Jestin Rajan says:

    Hello admin, i have placed my redemption request for 10000 points=8$ but in reality all those points were earned by fake referrals….what do you think will get that amount of credit in my paypal ac

  5. Pubudu says:

    Hey admin.. !
    I earned 100000 voucher points. Can i turn them to cash back points ??
    Can i turn them to cash ???
    Please help me.

    • Free Recharge Tricks says:

      I think now they are not giving direct points. Click on Point tab, then see your points. If there you can 100,000 then you can redeem as paypal balance. Minimum 10,000 points needed to claim

  6. Prashant says:

    There are two types of point, 1st is simple points and another is purchase product point.
    can i combine them, eg. i hv 5200 point of avg to purchase it with atleast 25$ to redeem. what is this purchase?

  7. Kartikey says:

    Do we need verified PayPal account to receive money? As I made an account on PayPal but didn’t verified my bank account due to some reason. Can I receive money without verifying my bank account??

    • Free Recharge says:

      We are getting both direct points & voucher points for referring. Normally voucher points will be credited in your account if you purchase, otherwise no use of it. But direct points are added instantly. So refer 10-12 friends & then open treasure boxes one by one. You will surely get direct points from 7-8 treasure boxes.

  8. rohan says:

    i joined 5 friends from my referals but i not got 5 achevments not any points . my pints are still 1080. what is the reason???

  9. rohan says:

    thanks ji .now i have 5280 points .after join 10 gmail accounts gmail ask for mobile verificaion . any method to skip google phone verification ? like how to change ip and any other method??

    • Free Recharge says:

      May be you have used Yroo unlimited tricks. I already said not to use any trick, otherwise your account can be banned. Now you can make another account on another phone (not recommended on same phone) & invite genuinely to get payment.

  10. Shivam says:


  11. Tanveer says:

    bhai aapse 1 baat puchni thi ki hum unlimited trick(specially ola) use krne k liye imei no change kr dete h i knew ki ye illigal h pr mera ye sawal h ki isme kitne chances h pakde jaane k nd yeh apan kitni bar use kr sakte h….jaldi reply krna

  12. fraud article says:

    Do you think all are fools.
    Its 100% frauds & they declined my 100+$ payout.
    What i got is the first 8$ payout.
    You will realise soon
    This 40$ is just a shopping offer and valid above 400+$ in a fake website.

    • Free Recharge says:

      At first I tell you, from Next time comment with valid name & email id, otherwise your IP will be blocked for Spam.

      1) We never think all are fool. But am sure you are…

      2) They declined your 100+ payout. Obviously they will do if you try to cheat them. I have alrwady warned all of you.

      3) And my attached 40$ proof is Not Shopping voucher. I & all Yroo users know well which is shopping voucher & which is not.

      4) You said it’s fraud because of your frustration. Coz you lost access of a genuine & highest paying money earning site cause of your foolishness.

  13. Jestin Rajan says:

    Yes..yroo is trusted website and this article is also..if we do genuine referrals we get the payment within 1 day…dont blame admin ..its all true..i have personaly earned 8$?

  14. shivam says:

    @ against fraud article *** tere ese tese itne acchi website ko fraud bolta hai ***** tujhe pata nahi kya lalach buri bala hai tune 100$ kamne ke chakkar me account ban karva liya aur blame mobilerechargetricks ko de raha hai

  15. Yogesh says:

    Whatever I do either daily login or tasks they give me voucher of containing points… Which I get after shopping….. Tell me what to do…

    • Free Recharge says:

      At first refer 10+ friends (don’t open treasure box immediately), then login to your yroo account. Then select your country as CANADA / United States (see top of the page to selece country). Now open your all treasure boxes one by one. Now you will definately get 5-6 boxes out of 10-11 containing Rewards points.

  16. MD Shahid says:

    Hello friends I have sign up in yroo and I got 2.25$ brand voucher in daily visit treasure which expire on 2nd November so could u tell me this 2250pts can be added in my point ya ye isi trh expire ho jayga I am getting option gift voucher or make purchase and nothing………………so please help me out…….bro

  17. Shahid says:

    Hey…bro I have refer 2 of my freind but didn’t get reward more then 1 hour passed ………….2nd thing is that I have two email in my phone and I refer my self could it trouble me please help………….

  18. Aditya says:

    do we need to create indian paypal account to redeem yroo points. for it asks PAN card no. which i don’t have. plz help me.

  19. hitendrasinh says:

    Is me jo referel se point milta h wo kese use kr skye hai. I mean shoping, by money etc..plz hlp i dnt knw any thing

  20. kalpesh says:

    mene yroo pe 10000 points bana liye he lekin mere pass paypal ka account nahi he..
    to kya aap ye points k badle 400 paytm dege??

  21. Jugraj says:

    Hello sir how to use yroo i have sign up with google id and have 1200 points and there is a gift box of gifted living of 11$ but thus is not usable i dont know what to do please tell us to find out

  22. Jitendra says:

    Sir when i redeemed my point. I got a message that your request have been rejected. Sir paypal account me purpose code kya daloon.

  23. Can says:

    Sir i open treasures but i win

    Talent Scout
    Completed August 8, 2015
    Est. $6.75
    6,750 pts
    Expires: 11.15.2015
    Min. purchase: $12

    how can i win a pts ?

  24. john tolex says:

    Admin i sign up to website after that i get 2 treasure box after open total money was 8 dollar ? now
    Tell me how to redeem it

  25. chitta mete says:

    Hello bro , ma 10/11/15 date ma 8$ ka reddem kea that but an 16/11/15 ho gaya muja abtak nahe mila ….pls bro ka karu bolo na

  26. Vicky says:

    bro. I dnt get any join bonus why??
    and cn I us this website to unlimited trick I mean I hv 3 4 fb id so cn I use in deferent browsers ?

  27. Vicky says:

    I dnt get any refar points why ??
    mne 5 frds ko invite kr unhone fb se join bhi kr but I cnt shw any frd name in my invite frds or na muje koi box mila only abhi tk joing ke 60 mile h
    plz bhai help me yrrrr

  28. ric says:

    Sir.i sign up with your referral link today from this page.but now they dont provide option to make our point as paypal money.i dont sure.pls help me.still they provide that money making way.they give some coupons and we can redeem when we shop from yroo site.
    waiting for your replay
    thank you πŸ™‚

  29. Kelvin says:

    Hey. Pls is yroo still working???
    I mean on the referral business to pay to paypal.. Is yroo still functioning till now august 2016????? Pls reply fast.

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