Myth Or Fake News About Jio Which Is Getting Viral In Social Sites

Hello guys hope you all are enjoying Jio services. Jio is giving free unlimited 4G Data with call and messages. But this days few messages are getting viral about jio by knowing people are getting hurt but all those are fake and mainly I think this news are viral by other telecom companies who are felling jealous about the free jio offer. Not only this Jio has also Launched There Jio Happy New Year Offer where the jio users will get Jio services till 31st march of 2017.

Reliance Jio Hidden Facts: Truths & Myths

so we are here to make you know few myth which are getting viral about jio so that you should know the real thing. So follow our below given instructions.


Myth Or Fake News About Jio Which Is Getting Viral In Social Sites

1. Jio Bill Of Rs 27000 – Truth or myth

Jio Truth or Myth-Jio Bill Of Rs 27000

Guys even jio are shocked after knowing about this bill which is getting viral this days in whatsapp and facebook because still Jio has not started there paid service so how they can make a bill of someone usages. And this bill showing Post paid services let me know you guys jio have still there prepaid services but this guy is using post paid. Is this is Rajnikant ?

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2. Jio Free Wifi Device – Truth or Myth

Jio myth or truth of Free Wifi Device

One more fake news is getting viral this days is this that Jio will provide free Jio Fi device which is used to create hotspot at any place by inserting jio sim card in it and used for connecting more devices like laptop and mobile phones. But this news if totally fake because jio itself never said that they will give all this free goodies. Guys mainly this news are used to viral to earn money so never trust on this. Jio have already 50 million users and this took airtel and other companies to make in 3-4 years but jio collected this in 3-4 months. Well now jio is only providing free services. So don’t trust on this news also.

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3. Lyf Handset At Just Rs 199 By Jio – Truth or Myth


One more fake news is getting viral that Lyf is giving Rs 199 handset by doing joint venture with Jio, Its truth that Jio is having Joint venture with Lyf but it is totally fake news that they will give a handset at just Rs 199. Its not the first time that this kind of news relating to mobile phone is getting viral previously One company name Ringing bell said that they will give a smart phone of Rs 257 which is approximate 4$. Later one more company name Champ1India said they will give a smart phone at just Rs 501, it was also fake. But its real that one handset which is going to launch in january 2017 name LYF Easy at Just Rs 1000. I think you are geneious, just think how a mobile phone can be make in just Rs 200-500 with all great features. Its impossible. Even china phone cost more than this. SO its also a fake news dont trust this.

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4. Jio Sim Card At Rs 500 – Truth or Myth

Jio Sim Card At Rs 500-jio hidden factors

We all know that jio sim card are free of cost and for this people are crazy to get this. But behind this there is black market which running in a fast mode. Yes there is also black market of Jio sim where local recharge store are selling jio sim card at Rs 200-500 but few people dont know that they can avail this sim card for free if they visit there nearest Reliance Digital. I think its better to complain this at police station. But as we said you just visit the store and get the sim card for free. No need to pay the money if it is free. 

5. Buy Jio Sim Online – Truth or Myth


We are not sure this news is real or fake but still Jio have not officially said that they will start there Online service where people will get Jio sim card at there door step. This is fake news is mainly started by the fraudster to make there sites popular and earn money online. So i think its better not to give attention in all this fake news which are viral in Facebook and Whatsapp. 

Guys These Were The Fake News of Jio Which are Getting Viral, But Lets Know Few Real News Of Jio on the next page.

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