Reliance Jio Sim Activation Problems & Solution [Fixed]

Reliance Jio one of the best network company these days special know for there Welcome Pack where the users get unlimited 4g data, unlimited calls, unlimited SMS, unlimited video call and full access to JIO apps which also unlimited. But few of the people is having problem to get the sim but we are her always with you to provide all the best tricks to make your life enjoying. So those guys which are having issue to get the sim card be ready to enjoy by follow the few steps given below:

How To Generate Bar Code From Myjio App?

  1. First click here to download Myjio App
  2. Now install all other Jio apps(If you install one of the app they also you can access the app to generate bar code)
  3. Now in the screen it will automatically show the bar code in dashboard

How To Get JIO Sim card From Reliance Digital Store

  1. Take the bar code and visit your nearest Reliance Digital Store
  2. Show the bar code and give KYC Xerox to them with 3.5*4.5 size photograph
  3. They will give you the sim and it will take 7-9 days to activate

How To Activate Jio Sim Fast Within 30 Minutes

  1. Visit the nearest Reliance Digital Store With Aadhar Card
  2. Give your fingerprint and take the sim
  3. Wait just for 20-30 minutes there you will get the Message for activation

What Is the Price Of JIO Sim Card ?

JIO sim is free for all, but some local recharge shops takes few money but its better to have the sim from Reliance Digital Store as it activates the sim faster then other. Also there is no extra charge to use the Welcome Offer its totally free.

How To use JIO Sim Card In iPhones?

  1. Firstly get a JIO sim from anywhere
  2. Now insert it in your Iphone as it will show *No Network*
  3. For these visit your setting of Iphone
  4. And click on mobile data, and enable LTE(Voice only)
  5. A popup will appear & this time you have to again click on enable LTE option
  6. Now wait for few seconds and JIO will show the Network
  7. Now visit dialer option and make a call to 1977 to activate the Call and internet
  8. Once its activate switch off the phone and also remove the sim and re insert it and restart it
  9. Now on the mobile data and open My jio app to avail the welcome offer

List of Common Problems On JIO Sim with Solution

How To Fix “Reliance Jio Not Registered on Network” Error

Switch off your mobile phone and make sure that you are using the jio sim in slot 1 which is 4g enable because it will not work rather than 4g slot and still the sim is not working then follow our next solutions

Is Your “Reliance Jio Not Activated” Yet ?

If you have VOLTE Phone then you can call through your simple dialer and if you are having just a 4g handset which is not having VOLTE functions then you can use JIO Join for make Call at 1977. For making call in jio join you have to turn on your mobile data.

Soluton of “1977 Not Working” or 1977 Not Connecting” issue

If you are not able to make call at 1977 then open setting and grant the permission To jio join to make call and accept messages from contact and then try to make call at 1977. You can also use any other phone to activate you sim by dialing the customer care.

Why “Incoming & Outgoing Calls Are Not Working” on Jio sim ?

If you are not able to make call and you are not able to enjoy the feature of calling after you have 4g handset it means you are not having VOLTE enable handset which means Voice Over Long Terms Evolution this feature is given in few LYF phones and other samsung phone which means you can enjoy 4g speed while in call also which is really a great thing. But dont take tension who are having just 4g phones they have to just install Jio Jion app to make calls and messages

I Got Only 2GB Data in Jio Sim, Instead of Unlimited 4G

Its a great problem which is happening in few phone but we are also having solution of it you have to install my jio app and open it now register in jio app with your mobile number or skip sign in, in few seconds a pop will appear to confirm subscription for Preview Offer. Click on Submit & enjoy unlimited 4G data for complete 90 days.

Jio 2GB Exhausted, Now What Should I Do ?

If your 2GB data is exhausted then you have to register there in my jio app and enable the welcome offer and get 4GB high speed internet per day without speed cap.

I Am Not Getting 4G speed in Jio, Way to boost speed

If you are not getting good speed it can be due to network problem or due to high demand of it because you are not a single guy who is using JIO lots of are there. But you can use VPN apps to boost your internet speed up to 4 MBPS

What Is Default APN For Jio ?

Firstly i will advise you never touch the APN setting of any mobile phone but still we are sharing the APN

  1. APN : jionet
  2. APN type : Default
  3. Proxy : Not set
  4. Port : Not set
  5. Username : Not set
  6. Password : Not set

What Is Jio Customer Care Number?

Having JIO Customer care is just waste of time because it take half hour to contact the customer service but the customer service number is 1800-890-1977

How To Activate Only Jio Mobile Data?

Just make a call at 1800-890-1977 and give your mobile number of which you want to activate they will recharge your account in few hours

Why Tele Verification Call Is Not Connecting ?

  1. First install JIO Join from playstore and open it
  2. Now turn on your mobile data
  3. Now make a call at 1977 and do your Tele Verification

What Is The Required Time For Jio Sim Activation?

Previously when the activation was done manually then it takes up to 7 days but now by EKYC you can activate your JIO Sim in few minutes

Is My Phone VoLTE Compatible or Not?

Check your mobile network setting if it have LTE Only option then the handset is VoLTE Enable

Why There is Delay on Jio Sim Activation?

Due To heavy rush it is taking time but now it wont due to EKYC function but they will try to do as fast as they can but if more time is taking then consult your Sim provider

How To Know My Jio mobile Number via USSD?

Dial *1# In your dial pad and make a call and get your jio number

Is It Possible To Purchase Jio Sim Card Online? If yes, how ?

Jio Is trying to provide this feature also so wait for few days when it come we will notify you, so stay tuned with us

Where Can I Find Jio join For iphone?

There is no need to have jio join in Iphone because its a VoLTE enable phone just dial 1977 using your default Dialpad

Jio Join Is Offline / Now Working / Not Connecting [Fix]

To use jio jion turn on your data and then make calls or  Go to settings & click on ‘applications’. From the list, select Jio4GVoice & tap on ‘permissions’. Grant all the permissions one by one and then you are done!

Why Jio All Lines Are Busy?

All other telecom companies are felling jealous so they do call drop, due to which you are not able to make calls. So there is no fix for it you have to try this for several times to make your call.

Why I’M Getting Only 4 Gb Data Per Day?

There is no solution for it except an Illegal trick which we will never share it with our visitors because we will never want that our visitor will face any problem. Its good that your are getting 4GB and also by this the date is also extended which is also a good thing behind this.

What Is Jionet Wifi?

Its just nothing then a router in which you have to insert your JIO sim and you can enjoy 4g Service in several mobile phone or TV, Laptop or any other devices at a single time.

Is There Any Way To Activate Jio Sim Online?

Soon this feature will also available among us so stay tuned with us to get the information regarding this but now there is nothing like this.

How To Migrate From Welcome Offer To Preview?

No you cant there is no way to migrate to other offer well welcome offer is far better then preview offer because it gives till 31st December.

Once You Insert Jio sim in Your Phone, You Can Not Put Any Other Sim In It [Rumour / Truth]

its an joke which is viral by any fool people that once you use a jio sim in a slot you can’t use other sim in it, in future. Leave other i have changed the sim 100 times but no a single problem is happened.

How Many Jio Sim Cards Are Allowed Per Person?

There is no limit of buying sim by one person document, leave others i have buyed 5 sims by my mom’s document.

These Were The Few Problems Which Mainly Occurs But Still If You Are Facing Any Other Problem Please Dont Hesitate To Comment We Will Try To Reply Every Comment Of This Post 

14 thoughts on “Reliance Jio Sim Activation Problems & Solution [Fixed]

  1. Arafath says:

    i have got the barcode for getting jio sim and gone to a shop for activating it using aadhar card.During the registration process their server connection lost and i don’t get the my jio app is not showing any barcode.pls can i get a jio sim

  2. Gaurav says:

    1)My age is 16…so I have to give them my parents aadhar card??
    2)I have to take my parents to reliance digital store or else only I have to sign..

    • Hrishabh Singh says:

      now there is finger print system by which they are availing sim card , so its necessary to bring your parents

    • Hrishabh Singh says:

      no you just take there photograph and kyc xerox. no need of parents thee. but sometimes they ask as it depends upon the workers mood. take few money with u.

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