(Caution) Watch How A Shop Owner Lost His Rs 17000 Paytm Cash From His Wallet

Hello guys hope you are making lots of online transactions and earnings a good amount of cashback. But friends be careful because lots of online frauds are happening these days. So its better to send your paytm or freecharge cash instantly in your bank account so be safe. Because in this fraud even paytm / Freecharge is also not supporting this.

A Shop Owner Lost His Rs 17000 Paytm Cash

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5dmEFso_w4″]

Recently one of a shop owners earned Rs 17000 paytm cash by selling goods, he thought to send it back to his bank account but when he updated his paytm pass book he saw he have only Rs 0 with him. He got shocked and complained at paytm but he didn’t got any good response from them. So he complained at near by police station, police are in searching mode and assured the owner that they will surely find the fraudster in few days.

How To Make Online Payment Safely

1) Not only this guy, there are lots of guys who are losing their money from their wallet. So we will suggest you to send you paytm cash instantly into your bank account.

2) Well you can send Rs 100 also in your bank account safely.

3) And never share you card details and OTP with anyone it can be a fraudster, and you have to face a loss.

4) And its better to use Debit card instead of credit card to also be safe from carder

5) You can use any antivirus like avast in your PC which have internet security.

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