Snapdeal Trick to Convert SD Cash into FreeCharge Credits ( Transfer to Bank)

Snapdeal trick to convert sd cash into Freecharge credits. And now it’s very easy to Transfer Freecharge wallet balance to bank account. That means you can send Snapdeal cash to bank.

How to transfer SD cash to Freecharge account ?

  1. Visit & login to your account.
  2. Goto Account >> Upgrade Account.
  3. Enter mobile number & verify it
  4. Now order something using your SD cash. Wait for few minutes & cancel it.
  5. Yippee !!! Your cancelled order amount will be sent to your freecharge wallet.


23 thoughts on “Snapdeal Trick to Convert SD Cash into FreeCharge Credits ( Transfer to Bank)

  1. Navjot Singh says:

    I am successfully transferred SdCash to FreeCharge Account
    But now Freecharchge Credit Not Transfer to Bank They Asking This is the Promotional Balance This is not Able to Transfer to Bank

    Please Admin Give us Solution

  2. Wasim zahid says:

    I successfully transfered my balce to my freeechrge account but freecharge says. “”You cannot withdraw any amount to bank as of now.””

  3. Wasim zahid says:

    And this.
    1. Money that was added less than 24 hours ago cannot be withdrawn for security reasons
    2. Promotional cash given out by merchants cannot be withdrawn to bank

  4. vivek says:

    I link my sd account with freecharge.
    After it I purchased product from sd and after some time I cancelled it.
    Then I got money in sd cash not in freecharge account.
    Why? Why?why?
    Plz help

  5. harpreet singh says:

    I have received 3895 rs from bt the problem is that I have all ready add amount 3895 from another bank 7790 half will be tranfereed bt left amount 3895 is not transfered and show msgs that I can’t widrawal amount and why? This type msgs show.what will I do?

    • Free recharge tricks says:

      Only failed transaction can be transferred to bank. So recharge mobile using wrong circle & operator. Your recharge will be failed & money will be refunded to wallet. After 7 days you can transfer money to bank.

      But do fake recharge with small amount. Coz sometimes using wrong circle & operator, recharge gets successful.

  6. Muzaffer says:

    refund is present in my free charge….but unable to trasfer frm FC to bank account …
    already dwnload & contng snapdeal ac.from FC wallet

  7. Cheryl Robin says:

    Amount withdrawn from freechrge account bit not transfterd to bank account irrespective of complying with all the formalities.
    Its over 30 days now.
    Issue not resolved.

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