How To Trace & Get Back Your Lost Smartphone Within 24 Hours Without Going To Police

Hello Friends, Today I’ve came up with a very interesting & helpful article for all of you. I’m going to tell how to get back your smartphone which you’ve accidentally lost somewhere. Though, there are many tips & tricks by which you can get your phone back but max. of them require your lost phone’s Internet connection to be turned on. But I’m going to tell you a very easy & simple trick. So, scroll down to find out more….

How To Trace & Get Back Your Phone :

  • First of all, open your phone’s dialpad and dial *#06#.
  • You will instantly get a 15 digit long number on your screen, that is your phone’s IMEI number.
  • Every phone has it’s unique IMEI number using which it can be traced.
  • Just note it down somewhere.
  • Don’t save it in your Mobile Phone b’coz you’ll need it afterwards.
  • Now, if somehow, you’ve lost your phone somewhere, simply mail this unique 15 digit IMEI to this E-mail :
  • You also have to mention the following details along with the IMEI :

​Your name​:-__________
​Address​ :- ______________
​Phone model​ :-__________
​Make​ :-___________
​Last used no.​ :-__________
​Email for *communication​:_______
​Missed date​:- __________
​IMEI no​ :- __________

Please follow the above format while sending the mail.

  • Your task is over now. They will trace your phone through GPRS within 24 hours and will notify you.
  • Don’t Worry, your phone will be traced even if it’s Sim Card is changed.

So, friends please save this information somewhere so that you don’t lose your unmatchable phone and it’s information & also comment down your feedback below!

14 thoughts on “How To Trace & Get Back Your Lost Smartphone Within 24 Hours Without Going To Police

  1. Abhinav says:

    Ye to 5-6 saal pehle Chennai police ki thi. Ek do saal theek chali, baad me band kar di gyi thi. Don’t use it. It’s a waste of time.

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