(Loot) UC Mini Paytm Offer: ₹50 on Signup & ₹30/Refer

UC Mini Paytm Loot: Hey hope you are enjoying Paytm cash tricks 2019. Today we are back with UC Mini Paytm loot offer. UC Mini app is offering ₹50 on Signup and ₹30/referral. You can transfer your money to Paytm wallet.

UC Browser Mini for Android is a multifunctional web browser that enables you to browse your Facebook news feed and download videos you like from Facebook. It is free and fast. You also can experience the same joy with Tik Tok. UC Browser Mini gives you a great browsing experience in a tiny package size. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and compatible with various android devices. You can search, download, and share information or files online.

How To Loot UC Mini Paytm Offer:

1) Visit UC Mini App download page (Click Here)

2) Then click on “Download & Get button” to download UC Mini app from play store & install it. (Loot) UC Mini Paytm Offer: ₹50 on Signup & ₹30/Refer

3) Then open the app click on “Agree & Enter

4) Then open follow page (Open/Copy This Link) & open it on UC Mini browser.

5) Slide down & enter below Referral code & submit it.


(Loot) UC Mini Paytm Offer: ₹50 on Signup & ₹30/Refer

6) Then login with Facebook/ Google. You will get ₹30 Paytm cash for entering above invitation code.

7) Now copy your own referral link & code & share it with friends. You will get ₹30/refer.

8) You can redeem your earning to Paytm wallet once you will have minimum ₹300.

You Will Get By Opening UC Mini Daily:

  • Rs.50 PayTM Voucher – On 1st Day
  • Rs.100 PayTM DTH Voucher – On Day 2
  • Rs.100 PayTM Electricity Voucher – On Day 3
  • Rs.100 PayTM Movie Voucher – On Day 4
  • Rs.200 PayTM BUS Voucher – On Day 5

UC Mini Paytm Offer (Terms and conditions)

1) Offer Period: 25th April to 1st May 2019.

2) The Event takes place in India in the Internet for all Indian users of UC Browser (including UC Browser Mini).

3) Note that the activity will be early terminated as soon as the cash prizes run out. Users shall follow the directions and rules set forth in the campaign page to participate in the Event.

4) Way to win the Award: Those who invite friends successfully without fraud, provide true and genuine personal information, and submit the application successfully.

5) The Awards (including the Cash Prize and PayTM cashback Vouchers) will be sent out to the Winners (participants entitled to the Awards according to the Rules of this Event) within 30 days after he/she submits the required information / documents (“the Delivery period”).

6) All actions contemplated by these Rules are completed and recorded by the Organizer at the time of Indian Time. Any time specified in these Rules should be considered as time of Indian Time.

7) Postponing or advancing might happen considering the network environment and the time difference, the final launching time depend on the actual situation and lies at the sole discretion of the Organizer and no disputes will be entertained in this regard.

8) Procedure and terms for the receipt of Awards: By sending a request to the Participant to provide the winner’s information the Organizer sends an offer to enter into an agreement on the receipt of the Award. By submitting the contact information to the Organizer the Participant accepts the offer and enters into an agreement with the Organizer.

9) If the Participant fails to submit his/her winner’s information to receive the Award as required by these rules, the Participant will be deemed to have refused the Award and waived any and all rights to claim the receipt of the Award.

10) The Award will be sent to the winner by Paytm account within the period specified in clause 4.3. hereof. The delivery of the Award is exercised at the expense of the Organizer and the date of delivery shall be the date of transfer of the Award to the Paytm service.

11) The Award is regarded delivery when Organizer has transfered the Award according to the contact information the winner submitted.

12) The Organizer shall not be responsible for any Award related application process and expense, including but not limited to the registrations, the insurance, the tax.

13) The Organizer shall not be liable for information incorrectly given by the Winner.

14) If the Organizer cannot contact the Winner at the indicated contact information and the Winner does not get in touch with the Organizer during the period specified in clause 5.1 hereof, the Winner is considered as having refused from its status as a Winner and from the rights to claim for the receipt of the Award.

15) UC Browser users who are located in India and comply with these Rules.

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